About Us

Who are We?

We are the place to go to find your dream axe. Gilded Guitars specializes in the sale of used and vintage electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, and accessories. Our inventory consists of the highest quality used Fender, Gibson, and PRS guitars. 

Gilded Guitars was founded by two college students, Michael, and Johnny.
Michael is currently a computer science major studying at Quinnipiac University. He loves to play the guitar, and has always been passionate about the inner workings of guitars.

Johnny also studies at Quinnipiac University, majoring in CIS and working on a masters in Cybersecurity. He is an amateur shakuhachi player, and is knowledgeable in all different genres of music. 

Our Promise

Both Mike and Johnny share a passion for the beauty and sound of guitars and basses. As musicians, they know exactly what their customers want, and keep their priorities focused on top of the line standards and honesty.

Gilded Guitars believes that through our store, we can circumvent the perils of buying used instruments and provide total transparency and quality to keep our customers pleased and completely satisfied. We strive to provide our customers with used and vintage guitars of exceptional quality, played and tested by our own seasoned experts.

Every instrument has been meticulously examined, and as one of our customers, you can be confident that our guitars will satisfy all your needs. Our team will help you find your dream axe, and will always be willing to work with you to achieve that goal.