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Fender Precision bass 1960 Sunburst

Fender Precision bass 1960 Sunburst

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Today I have the pleasure of offering the most iconic and groundbreaking invention of all time, the electric bass, or more specifically the Fender Precision bass, or even more specifically, this Fender Precision bass from 1960 in an original sunburst finish. This is an absolute tone monster that you have heard on countless records, from Elvis Presley to the Who to Green day. The super versatile split-coil pickups in this beauty recreate a multitude of sounds and are super versatile. When you put your hand on this bass the first thing you feel is the neck. Played down to the wood, this neck has seen so much play time theres no lacquer on it anymore, the thousands of hours put into this thing have essentially morphed it into the shape of the human hand, giving a c shape that is not possible to recreate unless it was worn into shape from years of playing. The neck is a 1963 neck that has the same tuners, clay dots, and frets as a 1960 would, however it has a Brazilian rosewood veneer instead of a slab of rosewood milled flat onto a maple neck that was correct in 1960, versus this 63' neck. The nitro finish on this unit has experienced so many seasons, the plastic, nitro has expanded and contracted so many times, producing a beautiful and juicy lacquer checking that is to die for. The bass has a bumps and bruises and natural relic that brings it to life and just feels "closer" than playing a brand new instrument especially with a poly finish. Theres just something magical about playing an instrument that has 60 year old wood that has lost its moisture overtime. This instrument sounds so pleasant acoustically and when you plug it in it just plays for you.

We have made sure that this instrument is as perfect as possible out the box. That means relief, action, intonation, nut height is all precise down to the micrometer. Frets are polished and dead level. The pickup height is exactly where it's supposed to be and the entire instrument was cleaned and hydrated. Strung up with D'addario medium gauge roundwounds. Thank you for looking, check out the specs below.

Electronics: All original electronics, pots date to 59'. Pickups are original and all wiring is correct. 

Condition: All original parts including the bridge cover which has the mute, and the pickup cover. Reissue pick-guard was put on, original anodized aluminum guard is underneath. Extra foam was added underneath pickups for pickup adjustment. The neck is a 1963 neck dated to the 5th of June 1963. This was very common and could happen for different reasons, but no issues with it. Reissue case

Fender Precision Bass 1960 Sunburst
Serial: 43255
Weight: 8.10 lbs
Series: Precision Bass
Body: Alder- 2 piece
Body Finish:  Nitro
Neck: 1963 Maple Neck, C shape profile w/ Brazilian rosewood veneer
Neck Finish: Nitro
Fretboard: 7.25"
Frets: 20, Original frets
Position Inlays: Clay dots
Nut (Material/Width): Bone, 1 3/4"
Tuning Machines: Original Fender Lolipop style tuners
Scale Length: 34" 
Bridge: Original 3 saddle nickel bridge
Pickguard: Reissue Tortoise shell pickgaurd with aluminum guard underneath from period correct era
Pickups: Original fender split coil pickups 
Pickup Switching: None
Controls: Master Volume and tone knob
Control Knobs: Fender Nickel Dome knobs
Hardware Finish: Nickel
Case/Gig Bag: Fender G&G Deluxe Precision Bass Hard Case Black w Orange Plush Interior Fender Logo

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