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Fender Precision Bass Sunburst 1969

Fender Precision Bass Sunburst 1969

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I present to you an all original Fender Precision bass from 1969 in its original and unfaded Sunburst Finish. This is a real nice find in perfect condition along with its case. Its perfectly preserved and has almost no marks that penetrate the finish, but does have some wear on the back and really nice horizontal lacquer checking. This P bass was made during a transitional time in 69' and oozes with that 60's fender tone that we all know and love. The Body has an aged slab of alder that has dehydrated over time and rings out like a bell. Its finished in a 3-tone sunburst that is really nice its not clownish at all and has a nice transition from yellow to red that fades into a dark black. The red has not faded at all and is clear that its been preserved in a case without too much exposure to the sun. On top of that sits its original brown tortoise pickgaurd with all original electronics. The pickups have black bobbins which is uncommon and potentially a left over pre-cbs coil. The finger rest is still under the G string and the original hardware has developed a really nice patina, the tuners almost look gold in the light. The original black bobbins are extremely punchy. They have this growl to them that you only find on vintage pieces. Combined with the lightweight and dry aged alder body you get that signature bell like fender tone that has a transparent growly attack with really nice warm bottom end and the high end on this thing is to die for. Mostly because of the 66' pots the vintage circuit really works well with a vintage amp, the tone is extremely balanced and you can get a multitude of tones just with the tone knob. 

Now onto the neck. Its a B neck so its 1 5/8" nut width which is slimmer than its 1 3/4" predecessor. Its an easier neck to "tame" and wrap around and its got a perfect late 60's C shape. The neck depth at the 1st fret strats at 0.84" and fills out to 0.99" at the 12th fret. This is the perfect depth thats right in the middle and fills out nicely. The profile is on the slimmer side of medium with a little less shoulder so its really easy to wrap around. The Round lam east indian rosewood fretboard has a perfect diagnol grain and its very dark and smooth. The frets have tons of meat to them (~0.038") and are dead straight. The nut still has its original finish on it so it should be original. The neck has a thin layer of nitro on it but it looks brand new. The Headstock does not have the hootenanny button on it and has that late 60's large black fender TV Logo. The Lolipop tuners have lots of patina and almost have a gold tint to them. Overall This piece is really nice. Its all original which makes it a perfect investment but its also that vintage 60's fender tone that you just can get anymore. Its got some of the best p bass tones out there and it really inspires me creatively to pick it up and hear its beautiful and sonically pleasing sound. Thank you

This piece has been fully setup with our "Gilded Treatment." This means instrument has been fully inspected, professionally photographed and documented along will a full deep cleaning of any residual grime and dust, pots are cleaned of debris and sprayed with contact cleaner to add a layer of cleaning and protection. Its amazing how clean pots and contacts bring so much tone back. Polished frets to allow you to "glide" over the fretboard. Dialed Nut Height with optimal slots and contact points with lubrication. Action and intonation is dead on and neck relief is perfect. The neck has absolutely no warps or humps and the truss rod turns perfectly with tons of room to turn for seasonal changes. Thank you for looking

 You'll be shocked to find how good our pro setup is! A 100$ value free! big bends fretting out is a thing of the past, find out for yourself!

Electronics: All original electronics with some rare appointments, pots date to the 42nd week of 66' which is common due to abundance of leftover parts. Pickups are black bobbin which are from a left over batch potentially made pre-cbs. They have plastic wiring which fender was transition to in the late 60's while other wires are cloth. Solder joints are all factory. 

Condition: All original condition w/OHSC. The top is virtually pristine, there is nice and subtle horizontal lacquer checking around the body. There are a couple tiny scuffs and dings around the sides on the black part of the burst which makes them hard to see. The Chrome bridge cover left a trace around the bridge. The back has 2 under the serial plate which is clearly seen and there is some noticable scratching on the upper left horn on the back. The back of the neck is untouched and basically brand new. The peghead and edges of the neck has some slight discoloration from play wear but other than that its clean. 

Fender Precision Bass 1969 Sunburst
Serial: 253636
Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz
Series: Precision Bass
Body: Alder body
Body Finish:  Nitro
Neck: Maple Neck, C shape profile w/ Round lam Indian rosewood fretboard. 0.84" at 1st fret, 0.99" at 12th fret
Neck Finish: Nitro
Fretboard: 7.25"
Frets: 20, Original frets
Position Inlays: Pearloid dots
Nut (Material/Width): Bone, 1 5/8" (1.63")
Tuning Machines: Original Fender Lolipop style tuners
Scale Length: 34" 
Bridge: Original 4 saddle nickel bridge
Pickguard: Original ABS Brown tortoise Pickguard
Pickups: Original fender split coil pickups 
Pickup Switching: None
Controls: Master Volume and tone knob
Control Knobs: Fender Nickel Dome knobs
Hardware Finish: Hybrid
Case/Gig Bag: Original 1969 No-logo Reddish-Orange interior Fender Hardshell

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