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Fender Stratocaster Sienna Sunburst 1981

Fender Stratocaster Sienna Sunburst 1981

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TL:DR 100% Original (besides the nut) with Original Molded Case and hang tags, ashtray, trem bar, trem spring bag, warranty card. The pickguard appears to be original with all the right wear and patina and shielding area. Condition is very good, the guitar looks perfect from afar.

Sporting a lush and vibrant Sienna sunburst finish, this Fender Stratocaster from 81' is a tone machine. The exciting finish started in 79' and is one of the best finishes from this time, it perfectly accentuates the underlying densely packed solid ash. This old slab of tone wood has dehydrated over time and rings like a bell, full of sustain and weighing in at a perfect 8lbs and 9 oz. The grains are quite mesmerizing and never gets old, atop sits a potentially original pearloid pickguard with original aged white plastics and the original die-cast 6 saddle bridge. The Electronics are completely original and untouched and the black bobbin pickups combined with the vintage circuit gives you a wonderful glass bell like strat tone. Warm low end with a mid dip and transparent highs, each note sounds like your biting into a delicious crunchy apple.

When you pick this strat up you will notice right away its got a perfect "C" shape with a touch of shoulder to it that is easily tamed but comfy in your palm. The neck is virtually mint but has a slight worn in feeling that has practically morphed to the shape of the hand. The original frets have tons of life left and are dead straight as is the neck. The poly finishes is smooth not sticky and the one piece slab of solid maple adds a pleasant brightness and snap to each note. This strat really loves to play chords, its 7.25" radius is super comfy and our perfect fretwork allows extremely low action and is really a dream to play. These late 70's early 80's strats are really beautiful and have their own vintage sound that is hard to replicate. This one is also really beautiful to look at and plays outstandingly. Ultimately, this is a quality vintage strat with tone for days and is a joy to play and definitely stands out with its gorgeous sienna sunburst finish and densley packed ash grains. Thank you for looking.

This piece has been fully setup with our "Gilded Treatment." This means instrument has been fully inspected, professionally photographed and documented along will a full deep cleaning of any residual grime and dust, pots are cleaned of debris and sprayed with contact cleaner to add a layer of cleaning and protection. Its amazing how clean pots and contacts bring so much tone back. Polished frets to allow you to "glide" over the fretboard. Dialed Nut Height with optimal slots and contact points with lubrication. Action and intonation is dead on and neck relief is perfect. The neck has absolutely no warps or humps and the truss rod turns perfectly with tons of room to turn for seasonal changes. Thank you for looking

 You'll be shocked to find how good our pro setup is! A 100$ value free! big bends fretting out is a thing of the past, find out for yourself!

Condition: There are a handful of scuffs around the body, one or two tiny dings/impressions, mostly all very hard to see and all of them are around the sides. There is a little bit of surface level buckle rash(pictured), that is only visible under intense light. The back of the neck is virtually mint. The sides of edges of the fretboard have some wear and the sides of the peghead have a little bit of discoloration from finish wear. All else is perfect. Pearloid Pickguards are quite uncommon but have been factory installed before and it is up in the air whether this one is original. My guess is either original or was put on very early as it is indistinguishable from the rest of the hardware and has the exact same shielding and impressions as a factory one, but it lacks any qa markings or stamps.

Electronics: Completely original and untouched electronics and solder joints, pots date to the 9th and 10th week of 1981..Original Black bottom pickups from 1981. All electronics work perfectly and theres absolutely no crackling or issues, pots turn to 10 exponentially. 

Fender Stratocaster 1981 Sienna Sunburst

Serial: S984522
Weight: 8 lbs 9 ounces
Series: Stratocaster
Body: Ash
Body Finish: Sienna Sunburst Polyurethane finish
Neck: one piece Maple neck, "C" Shape  0.85" at 1st, 0.98" at 12th
Neck Finish: Polyurethane 
Fretboard: 7.5-inch radius, maple
Frets: 21, original vintage frets (~0.030 height)
Position Inlays: Black dots
Nut (Material/Width): 1 5/8" (B neck) (1.61" to be exact)

Tuning Machines:  Original F Logo Tuners
Scale Length: 25.5"
Bridge: Original Die-cast, 6-saddle bridge
Pickguard: original 3-ply pearloid pickguard
Pickups: Original Black bobbin 81' pickups (neck 5.78k)(middle 5.60k)(bridge 7.25k)
Pickup Switching: 3 way switch
Controls: Volume 1, (Neck) Tone 1(Neck) Tone 2 (middle)
Control Knobs: Original White Fender Strat knobs, 
Hardware Finish: Die-Cast
Case/Gig Bag: Original Fender molded case with Original Ash tray, whammy bar, Warranty card, trem springs bag, and hang tag.


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