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Gibson Es-330TD Cherry Sunburst 1965

Gibson Es-330TD Cherry Sunburst 1965

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TL:DR One owner closet find. Completely 100% Original inside and out. NO NECK BREAKS OR REPAIRS..

1 11/16" Wide neck! Chrome covers and tailpiece, nickel bridge. Top layer of maple laminate has split from humidity near the f hole(CLEARLY pictured). Does not affect playability, purely cosmetic and it really is barely visible. I didnt notice it for the first 10 minutes. Original Lifton es Case

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE GEM. This piece has been put away since 67' as the original owner played a couple chords for 2 years then stowed it in its case. All this made perfect sense when I got it I was absolutely stoked to find it all original and its original cherry sunburst perfectly vibrant and unfaded. The original frets have also been perfectly preserved and after giving it the gilded treatment they have about 80% life left and are dead straight. To keep total transparency heres a couple things to note. The guitar obviously has been through lots of temperature and humidity changes so I believe this caused the top layer of the maple laminate to split on the left f-hole. As you can see in the pics its the top layer and maple laminate is multiple pieces of maple pressed together so obviously it doesnt run through all the layers, so thats bueno. Second, my theory about humidity is furthered by 4 or 5 of the inlays were warped and proud of the fretboard when I got it, so I easily glued them corners down but 2 of them I needed to remove and heat them straight before gluing them back in, this way I could maintain full originality and those 2 inlays will never be a problem again.

LETS GET TO THE GOOD STUFF. You're looking at an all original untouched, uncirculated, stowed away 1965 es-330. The main differences between this and the 335 is that its fully hollow inside with no center beam as well the use of p90 pickups versus humbuckers. This example has a gorgeous unfaded chery sunburst with a very nice transparent brown finish on the back and sides that really accentuates the laminate maple. Even more awesome, this piece retains the wide neck nut width of 11/16 that would change months down the road during this transitional period. This example also has a nickel bridge but the pickup covers and tailpiece are chrome. The old dehydrated maple laminate combined with the vintage circuit and old p90's give you the most delectable and fat tones ever. This thing sounds wide open with a sonically pleasing tonal spectrum that sounds superb through a vintage amp. Each note is punchy and articulate like crunching into a delicious fruit and the pickups are singly coily in the sense that its got really nice warm low end and the highs are transparent, snappy, and bright. The hollowness gives the sound this open sound thats not muddy at all and extremely balanced. Its truly a beautiful sound that just cant be replicated.

When you pick the guitar the first thing you notice is this super solid one piece mahogany neck that adds this mid range bite to the guitar rounding out the perfect sound. Atop this densely grained mahogany is a gorgeous, chocolately dark brazilian rosewood board with pearloid block inlays and basically brand new frets. The binding has aged over time to a cream and the nut is original. The peg head has its serial number pressed in and the gibson logo is inlayed, not stenciled in which is the last year they would do it by hand. Playing this guitar is a dream, the action is low and smooth, the frets and neck is dead straight, this is a vintage guitar with the best playability possible. I am like a little kid again with this thing and am very proud to have found such a magnificent piece of gibson history to share with you all. Thank you for looking and I hope its next owner is as proud as I am. Thank you.

This piece has been fully setup with our "Gilded Treatment." This means instrument has been fully inspected, professionally photographed and documented along will a full deep cleaning of any residual grime and dust, pots are cleaned of debris and sprayed with contact cleaner to add a layer of cleaning and protection. Its amazing how clean pots and contacts bring so much tone back. Polished frets to allow you to "glide" over the fretboard. Dialed Nut Height with optimal slots and contact points with lubrication. Action and intonation is dead on and neck relief is perfect. The neck has absolutely no warps or humps and the truss rod turns perfectly with tons of room to turn for seasonal changes. Thank you for looking

 You'll be shocked to find how good our pro setup is! A 100$ value free! big bends fretting out is a thing of the past, find out for yourself!

Condition: Completely 100% Original one owner find. This instrument was put away when the original owner bought it and did not touch it over all these years. The frets have been perfectly leveled and the neck is dead straight. The frets are like 80% life left as they were literally unplayed. The body is extremely clean, there is a tiny pin sized ding here and there probobly like 3. There is some visible swirly scratchy stuff at the bottom of the backside of the body pictured. The back of the neck has one very small scratch and the neck has some haziness/residue and horizontal weather checking. The peg head has some noticable wear around the edges but its pretty much nothing for such an old instrument. Its all pictured. Otherwise this piece is a total gem and looks practically mint from a distance.

Electronics: Completely original and untouched electronics and solder joints, Pots date to 14th week of 65. Original Dog ear p90 pickups, sprague black beauty caps and original untouched wiring pots etc.. All electronics work perfectly and theres absolutely no crackling or issues, pots turn to 10 exponentially. 

Gibson Es-330TD Cherry Sunburst 1965

Serial: 307637
Weight: 6 lbs 4 ounces
Series: Es-330TD
Body: Laminated Maple 
Body Finish: Cherry Sunburst, Nitrocellulose 
Neck: one piece Mahogany neck, "C" Shape  0.83" at 1st, 0.99" at 12th
Neck Finish: NitroCellulose
Fretboard: 12-inch radius, Brazilian Rosewood
Frets: 22, original vintage frets (~0.035 height)
Position Inlays: Pearloid Block Inlays
Nut (Material/Width): Wide Neck 1 11/16" (1.66" to be exact)

Tuning Machines:  Original Double Line Kluson Deluxe Tuners
Scale Length: 24.75"
Bridge: Original Nickel Gibson ABR-1 with Trapeze Tail piece
Pickguard: original 4-ply black pickgaurd
Pickups: Original Dog Ear p-90 pickups (neck 8.09k)(bridge 8.20k)
Pickup Switching: 3 way switch
Controls: Volume 1, (Neck) Tone 1(Neck) Volume 2 (Bridge) Tone 2 (Bridge)
Control Knobs: Original Gibson "capped" or top hat gold knobs
Hardware Finish: Hybrid, chrome pickup covers and tailpiece, nickel bridge.
Case/Gig Bag: Original 60's lifton case


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